Cylinder screen printing machine

The Systec cylinder screen printing machine is the ideal and a very flexible tool for the production of flexible material in the manufacture from roll to roll. By the use of the most advanced control and servo-drive technologies the SYSTEC cylinder screen machine allows for saving and recalling at any time nearly all production relevant parameters. This guaranteed that at a following production run a uniform good quality is obtained.

Special equipment such as an automatic camera surveillance and an automatic print image follow-up are feasible, as likewise is the uncoupling of the drives, material feed and screen feed as well as the function of the „SKIP-PRINTING“. For some of our customers who produce for the electronics industry, it is a big advantage that our machines are suitable for “Through Hole Printing”.

Each screen printing machine includes a default register control is as part of each screen printing machine and may be extended by option to a dynamic positioning. Punched holes in the material or printed colours of any previous process are recorded.

A sophisticated safety technology entitles us to apply to all machines the CE mark. In order to comply with our responsibility towards our customers, the latter will be checked from time to time within our company by external experts.

Most of the customers of SYSTEC Grafische Maschinensysteme GmbH manufacture products which go beyond that what in general called “customizing”. Using the SYSTEC machines special requirements to the product may be realized as far as the technological level is concerned and at low cost. Often at first a basic set of machinery is bought for the start of the production and thereafter an extension. This strategy help the product introduction risk for our customers to minimized. Our consequent modular design allows a production extension by integration of new machines into an existing unit without any problems.

Cameras in the exit area of a SYSTEC cylinder screen printing unit

The camera system works with several cameras which capture and measure so called „targets“, by these measurements the positions are calculated and in case of need an automatic correction of the screening position applied. The machine operator will carry out in this case only the visual control of the printing accuracy.

For providing a deliberate individual printing offset, there exists the possibility of using an offset value.

The SYSTEC cylinder screen printing units dispose of various printing formats. They start in the narrow web range with the format of 400 x 400mm (printing width x printing length), ranging to a format of 1.5 x 1.5 meters. In the indication of the format the material width is always the maximum and may be jointed continuously from 100mm up to maximum. The printing length can be set electronically continuously from 5 mm up to the maximum length.