Flatbed Screen Printing Machines and Systems

The SYSTEC flatbed screen printing machine is manufactured as exclusive Web printing machine or as so called hybrid printing machine with sheet printing function as per specific customer requests. A special device is the guidance of a filter material over the printing table and of the draw roll in order to allow for the special through-hole printing with function pastes.

SYSTEC flatbed FLi screen printing machine for integration into a processing unit
Our flatbed screen printing machine of the series FLi is the perfect add-up to a „Digital Finishing“ unit. The drive design provides for feeding of the printed material Web from the upstream machine modules (flexo printing machine, rotary die cutter etc.), being suitable be printed by the screen printing process. After the screen printing the material is returned to the rotary process.

Das SYSTEC Druckwerk lässt sich in eine Rotations Finishing Anlage leicht Integrieren und kann vom Masterterminal aus bedient werden.